giovedì 3 gennaio 2013

Tribute to Tarak Mekki, the tunisian opposer

Tarak Mekki was a businessman born in Tunisia on the 27 june 1958.
He declared him self a opponent to Ben Ali regime in 2004, when he moved to Canada after he had refused a proposal from the corrupt Trabelsi clan. Trabelsi was the family of the ex-first lady.
In Canada, Mekki refused for two times the status of political refugee. In 2007, he started his strict opposition to the Tunisian dictator, he was one of the few political exiles to ask publicly the deposition of Ben Ali and denouncing the corruption and the systematic violation of human rights.
After two years of fierce opposition, its official website was officially canceled in 2009, and his facebook account deactivated, a crackdown that led him to move his open opposition through videos, cartoons and satirical appeals asking for a second republic, all through youtube.
His activism led the Ben Ali regime to another attempt of censorship to its heavy criticism, blacking out youtube and dailymotions by the networks of the North African country.
At the outbreak of the riots of December 2010 in Sidi Bouzid, was the first to announce the flight of Tunisia's largest and corrupt businessman Belhassen Trabelsi, brother of the ex First Lady Leila Trabelsi.
After 14 January 2011, he went back to his country and he founded the Movement for the Second Republic.
He was an opposer of Ennahdha islamic party in tunisia and he denounced the corruption in the country.
He died on the 31 december 2012 in his house in Hammamet.


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